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Custom California Adventures

A CLASSIFIED itinerary will keep you guessing as you unlock detailed instructions guiding you to hidden gems and stunning sights in a 1 or 2 day excursion that's customized just for you!

How it Works

  1. Sign up here  to book a Adventure ANYWHERE in California. (your desired Adventure date must be at least 2 weeks away)
  2. We use YOUR goals for the day to create your Custom Adventure.
  3. You receive an Adventure packet in the mail with everything you need to know as well as your CLASSIFIED Adventure instructions.
  4. Your Adventure begins! Check out our FAQs for more details.

Classified Day Trips Mobile App

Respond in real-time to clandestine prompts (such as 'land' or 'sea') on your mobile device to unlock GPS navigation and Adventure Challenges leading you from one activity to the next in real life!

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How it Works

- Example Adventures -


A recent Explore adventure included a short hike, afternoon tidepooling session and a breath taking sunset view.  

Physical Challenge

A recent Physical Challenge adventure included a mountain hike, coastal bike ride and evening stand-up paddle board session.

Mental Escape

A recent Mental Escape adventure included desert hikes, mineral hot springs and sunrise yoga.

"I can't recommend Ethos Adventures enough! My personal Adventure Expert created a trip that allowed me to access nature quickly while catering to my budget, availability and fitness level. The trip helped me get out of my routine and take a chance on some place new!"

~ Lauren, San Francisco

"My ultimate adventure was an exquisite match to my trip preferences. With step-by-step instructions, I delighted in a full day of unique adventures that kept me fully engaged through sight, sound, and taste."

~ Chris, Phoenix

"We were able to take hikes we would have never found on our own and explore breath-taking vistas. Our trip totally catered to our tastes and allowed us to enjoy our adventure without getting bogged down in planning and details."

~ Camille, Fresno